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Election Central permits users to scan profiles, summaries, newspaper stories and audio from editorial board meetings by race, candidate or measure.

Note: This is not a complete listing. Uncontested races are excluded. Information is provided by the candidates, their representatives or stories and editorials from the Ventura County Star, Associated Press, candidate web sites, published voter guides and ballot language..

Election Central is continually updated throughout the election season.

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Political Blogs

  • Brian Dennert here Our resident politics junky serves up his blog devoted to the nuts and bolts of local politics.
  • 95% accurate* The Ventura County Star's Sacramento Bureau Chief Timm Herdt on state issues and politics from Sacramento to Ventura County.
  • Ingemusings Public policy news and commentary on politics, current events, government, economics, philosophy, and history.

Election Resources

2012 Elections

With stories, interactive election database, election calendar, registration and party affiliate pages, is your local, primary resource for the 2012 election.

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