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Date of birth: 3/10/71
City of residence: Westlake Village
Party affiliation (if any): Democrat
Occupation: Independent small businessman/ tennis instructor
Previous political experience (elective and appointed positions): Chief of staff, Utah state senate minority leader.
Education: Cottonwood High School
Family: Wife (Katie), four young kids (Cruz, Wally, Joleigh (Jo-Jo), and Smith).


Candidate Info:

Key issues: The three Es: Economy, education and the environment.
Why are you running: I believe that if you want to preserve the American Dream, send someone to Congress who has lived it.
I’m the son of Uruguayan immigrants who, despite having little education and no money, believed that with hard work and dedication to your family and community, you could succeed in America. I still believe that to be true, but that dream is slowly disappearing and Washington doesn’t get it. They read about it, but don’t live it. My kids go to public schools. I started and run a successful, small independent business. I am the only major candidate running who doesn’t have a government job or paycheck. I get up every morning and deal with the real economy, like you do.
I think people are tired of establishment career politicians. That is why I have pledged to serve only four terms if elected. Will the other candidates, some of whom have been in various offices for decades, make the same pledge?
I grew up volunteering on campaigns, hitting the concrete and meeting voters door-to-door. I began managing campaigns, eventually becoming chief of staff to a state senate minority leader. There, I learned a skill that has recently become a dirty word in Washington: compromise. Without it, you get the gridlock now taking place in our nation’s capitol. I am running because I believe this district deserves a new voice and I humbly ask for your vote.

Tell us something surprising about yourself: My first experience in politics was at 10 years old. My mother brought me to a local school board or city council meeting where they were discussing cuts to our schools. When they opened the floor for speakers, my mother pushed me up there and told me “it’s your future they’re talking about.” Ever since, I’ve wanted to serve.

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