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  • Jason T. Hodge

    Date of birth:1-27-1975
    City of residence: Oxnard
    Party affiliation (if any): Democratic
    Occupation: Firefighter/ Harbor Commissioner
    Previous political experience (elective and appointed positions): Currently serving as the elected Oxnard Harbor Commissioner. 
    Education: Bachelor of art's degree in political science, minor communications. 
    Family: Father is a retired 36-year Oxnard Fire Captain, brother serves on an aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy, sister works in Washington, D.C., as a manager for the Sierra Club. My wife has a master’s degree in taxation from Peperdine University and is currently serving in the state legislator.


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  • Hannah-Beth Jackson

    Age: 61

    City of residence: Santa Barbara

    Party affiliation: Democrat

    Occupation: Educator

    Previous political experience (elective and appointed positions): California State Assembly 1998-2004

    Scripps College, bachelor of arts in government and sociology
    Boston University, Juris Doctor

    Family: Married to Superior Court Judge George Eskin, a daughter, two stepchildren, and four grandchildren


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  • Michael Stoker

    Date of birth: Nov. 26, 1955

    City of residence: Carpinteria, Calif.

    Party affiliation: Republican

    Occupation: Independent small businessman

    Previous political experience (elective and appointed positions):
    Santa Barbara County Supervisor
    Majority Counsel to Congress
    Chairman, CA Agricultural Labor Relations Board
    Deputy Secretary of State (CA)

    UC Berkeley (Magna Cum Laude Graduate)
    Loyola Law School (Graduated High Honors)

    Son, Brandon, 26
    Daughter, Courtlin, 23


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