Sponsorship Request Form

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The information provided here will serve as a guide to determine if the Ventura County Star will provide sponsorship to your organization. Please fill out this form completely. If applicable, please include an event sponsorship package with this request -- you may upload this at the end of the form. The more information you provide the better we will be able to determine sponsorship. Filling out this form does not guarantee sponsorship.

Please submit your request at least 90 days prior to the first event date. We will respond within four weeks of receiving your sponsorship request form.

(* Indicates required field)

Organization Information
Date of request*: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name of organization or group*:
Mission statement*:
Organization address:*
Address line 2:
501(c)(3) number or federal tax ID:
Name and title of authorized representative*:
Event Information This should be information for your first event. If your organization has multiple events, please include the names and dates of those events in the Event Description field below.
Name of event*:
Date of event*: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Time of event*:
Location of event*:
Event description*:
Number of years event has taken place*:
Did The Star sponsor this event last year?* Yes No
Target audience:
Expected attendance*:
Admission fee*: Yes No
Admission fee*:
Will you have a printed program for the event?* Yes No
If yes, please provide due date and ad specifications for The Star’s ad in the program:
Attach booth or vendor form if applicable for your event:
Is this a fundraiser?* Yes No
If so, how will the funds raised be used?
What is your fundraising goal?
What is your request to Ventura County Star?*
Do you have an advertising budget?* Yes No
If so, what is your budget?*
Do you plan to purchase advertising in the Ventura County Star?* Yes No
Do you plan to purchase advertising with another media company? Yes No
If yes, please list:
List all media and major event sponsors*
Attach sponsorship level form if applicable:

I have read and understand the Ventura County Star "Criteria for Support" and "Sponsorship Guidelines" and agree to comply with these conditions if sponsorship is granted. What's this?

I agree that if our organization accepts any in-kind sponsorship advertising from The Star, that The Star will be the sole newspaper sponsor.

If your event is selected for sponsorship, a Sponsorship Agreement will be sent to the email you provided. You will also receive a Ventura County Star logo to include in your marketing materials. Any Sponsorship Agreement must be signed within 30 days of the date prepared. The Star does not guarantee news coverage. If a request is not accepted, you will be notified and referred to our Advertising Department where you may qualify for special nonprofit or charity advertising rates.